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Inquire About Payment

If you are experiencing a payment problem that you are unable to solve, you can send us a payment inquiry through Bill Pay. Customer service responds to your inquiry through your Online Banking Mail within 24 hours.

You can only inquire on a Processed payment after the Deliver By date. You can inquire on a Failed payment at any time. You can't inquire about a payment with a status of Scheduled or Canceled.

To send an inquiry about a payment:

  1. Select the Payment activity link under the Bill Pay tab.
    The Payments Overview page opens.
  2. Select View Payment next to the payment you want to send us an inquiry about.
    The View Payment page opens.
  3. Select Inquire About Payment.
    The Inquire About Payment page opens.
  4. Select a reason for your payment inquiry.
  5. Select the type of payee that you made the payment to.
  6. Complete all of the boxes on the Inquire About Payment page. The more information you can provide, the better we can answer your question.
  7. Select Send Inquiry.
    Your message is sent, and the Inquire About Payment: Completed page opens.
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