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FAQs about Bill Pay

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What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay lets you schedule and make payments as well as receive and pay bills online.

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How does Bill Pay work?

By following two basic steps, you can begin using Bill Pay to make online payments:

  1. Add your Pay To accounts.
  2. Make payments.

When you first begin using Bill Pay, create your Pay To account list by adding the Pay To accounts you want to make payments to. You only have to add each Pay To account once. All of your Pay To accounts are listed on the Bill Pay Center page, where you can quickly make payments. Some Pay To accounts can even send electronic bills (e-Bills), which are electronic versions of your paper bills.

When you make a payment, you select the payment amount and the date on which you want your Pay To accounts to receive the payment. The funds will be withdrawn from your account accordingly.

After a payment is scheduled, it appears as Scheduled on the Payments Overview screen. After the payment is processed, the status changes to Processed. The Pay To account will receive the payment by the Deliver By date. Sometimes, however, it can take a few days for a Pay To account to credit your account.

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How secure is my bill payment and personal information?

Bill Pay uses several methods to ensure that your information is secure:

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Am I billed for Bill Pay?

Some accounts and services, and the fees that apply to them, vary from state to state. Please review the information for your state in the Personal Schedule of Fees (at and in the Online Banking Service Agreement (at

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How do I cancel my Bill Pay service?

To cancel your Bill Pay service, please contact customer service at 1.800.933.6262.

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What if I have questions about how to use one of the Bill Pay features?

Bill Pay can assist you in several ways:

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How do I add a new Bank of America checking account to Bill Pay?

If you open additional Bank of America checking accounts that you want to access in Bill Pay, you will need to add the account to your Bill Pay profile. You can add a checking account in several ways:

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Can I add an account from another bank?

Yes. You can add checking or money market accounts from another bank to fund payments in Bill Pay. These external accounts can be personal or small business accounts.

Go to the Pay From tab to add an external account.

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Can I show/hide my Pay To accounts in Bill Pay?

Yes. You can choose the Pay To accounts you'd like to display and hide the others from view.

This is helpful if you have a long list of Pay To accounts but you don't need to display them all each time you are in Bill Pay. If you hide some of your Pay To accounts, you can temporarily show the hidden accounts at any time during a Bill Pay session.

You will specify the Pay To accounts you want to view using the Manage your Pay To account list link in the Make Payments section of the Bill Pay Center.

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Is there a calculator I can use?

As a convenience, the Bill Pay Center page provides a link to a calculator in the Make Payments module. The calculator performs the same basic operations that you would normally perform using a handheld calculator. You can perform simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations.

The calculator remains open as long as you're on the Bill Pay Center page. If you navigate away from Bill Pay Center, the calculator will close automatically and all previous calculations will be lost.

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How is my payment being sent?

Payments may be sent electronically or as a check. Electronic payments are credited to the payee and debited from your checking/money market account on the Deliver By date.

The majority of checks are debited from your checking account on the Deliver By date. However, some checks may debit once they are cashed or deposited by the recipient.

More information regarding a check payment can be found on the Payment Activity page. The payee can cash the check any time after it's received.

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